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Nexus SE – Six things you need to know

The new Nexus SE from Falcon offers a contemporary style range cooker that delivers performance and scores high on its sleek design.  With a symmetrical finish, two upper drop-down doors and two lower side opening...

BluPerformance by Liebherr: a new generation of appliances

BluPerformance is the new generation of freestanding appliances which quite simply, have revolutionised the refrigeration market.  Greater energy efficiency, increased net capacity (in the same overall appliance...

Liebherr Beverage Centre & Wine Cellar – When A Need Becomes A Want!

If you find yourself building a new home or renovating your existing kitchen, it is the perfect time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to major kitchen appliances. There are certain staple appliances which...

Registering Your Liebherr Warranty

No one likes to think that when we purchase a new appliance, one day it might need repairs. Inevitably there are instances where this may occur and when that occasion arises we are often desperate for it to be...

Falcon Upright Range Cookers – Cooking With Gas

Over the years, the popularity of Falcon’s dual fuel upright range cookers has not wavered, even with the introduction of the Falcon upright cookers with induction hob technology. Perhaps this boils down to a few...

Ways To Assist The Energy Efficiency Of Your Liebherr Fridge

Since the inception of Liebherr refrigeration in 1949 by Dr Hans Liebherr countless hours and resources have been invested into refrigeration research and development. Liebherr continually strive to become more...

Liebherr Keeping Your Food and Wine Safe and Secure

When it comes to keeping your food and drinks safe and secure, Liebherr refrigeration and wine cellars have got it covered.  With not one, not two… but up to three different warning signals you can rest...

The Role Splashbacks Play In The Kitchen

Whether you are building a new home and designing your kitchen from scratch or renovating an existing kitchen it can often come as a surprise just how many decisions need to be made. From ceiling to floor, decisions...

Andi-Co Australia & Liebherr make their mark at APP2019

Liebherr BioMedical
The Australian Pharmacy Professionals (APP2019) Trade Exhibition held on the Gold Coast from 7 – 10 March, attracts more than 6,500 pharmacists, pharmacy staff and industry representatives from across Australia, and...

An all gas cooker? Falcon have got you covered.

Whilst over the years the popularity of dual fuel and induction range cookers has significantly increased, there is still a minority who much prefer to cook with gas.  And with the ever-decreasing availability in...