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The short guide to understanding Falcon cooker configurations

Apart from the obvious difference in unique style and colours, are you finding the choice of Falcon upright range cookers overwhelming?  A little confused as to the different cooking functions and fuel types they...

The Modern Falcon Kitchener Upright Range Cooker

First launched in 1830, the Falcon ‘Kitchener’ set the standard for range cooking. Invented by William Flavel it was the world’s first range cooker. This ingenious invention could boil, warm and roast...

The Importance of Ventilation for Liebherr Integrated Appliances

Congratulations! Investing in a Liebherr fully integrated refrigerator is a wise decision. Not only will it look fabulous and seamlessly integrated into your kitchen cabinetry but functionality wise you will not be...

Falcon Induction Technology How It Works and What Cookware To Use

Whilst the sight of melted chocolate is enough to make you drool, it is definitely something none of us want to witness on our cooktop. The gooey, thick mess would be a nightmare to clean – not to mention a waste...

The History Of Falcon – Upright Cookers At The Heart Of The Home

In 1830 William Flavel invented ‘The Kitchener’. It was the world’s first range cooker which has since influenced Falcon cookers for subsequent generations. Boiling, roasting and warming all from the...

Did you know that storing flammable chemicals in domestic fridges and freezers in your lab could be a serious health and safety risk?

Liebherr BioMedical
Flammable chemicals stored in domestic fridges and freezers can release nasty and harmful odours into the surrounding environment, potentially affecting the health and well being of those working into the lab. Also when...

How To Use Liebherr’s Refrigerator BioFresh Compartments Effectively

Congratulations! You’ve made the right decision purchasing a Liebherr BioFresh refrigerator. Knowing your fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood and dairy can last significantly longer than a conventional...

Liebherr Freezer Drawer Information Storage Guide

Raise your hand if you have ever opened your freezer, discovered a container with a left over meal and thought to yourself, I wonder how long that has been in the freezer and if it is still ok to eat? Or pondered over...

Falcon Classic Deluxe 90cm Dual Fuel – Recommended by CHOICE

Independent consumer group CHOICE has named Falcon’s Classic Deluxe 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Range Cooker (CDL90DF) as a recommended appliance in its recent test of *freestanding cookers. CHOICE is Australia’s...

Falcon Appliances – New Recipe Page

Do you often find yourself staring into the pantry wondering what to cook? Visually stocktaking your pantry and fridge ingredients, wondering what inspirational meal you can create but coming up blank? Feel like you are...