La Cornue, Sydney - Open Now

Showcasing a hand-picked selection of La Cornue creations, experience the finest in French cuisine and culinary architecture in our new, flagship Surry Hills showroom; the first stand-alone La Cornue showroom in Australia. 14 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, Sydney. Viewings by appointment only. To book call 02 7908 4110 or book via the link.
La Cornue Sydney Showroom

Chateau - The Jewel in the La Cornue crown

The result of over 100 years of research and development, each 'Chateau' cooker is entirely hand-made by our craftsmen in our production workshop in Paris, France. Their knowledge and expertise has been passed down from generation to generation providing you with culinary performance and elegance.

Flamberge Rôtisserie

A veritable jewel of technology that optimizes the circulation of heat, it allows you to roast meats, poultry, fish, or even whole fruits and vegetables in a state-of-the-art manner and releases the flavours while preserving the tenderness of the flesh for an optimal taste experience.
Sydney Showroom Flamberge

CornuFé - NEW!

The CornuFé 110cm freestanding range cooker with two independent ovens is the symbol of convivial, joyful cuisine that is full of flavour. Marvellously combining the La Cornue tradition with technological innovation, the CornuFé 110 range cooker is, above all, the result of a passion: the passion of culinary art. Available at e&s, Glasgow Engineering and Hart & Co.

Albertine - NEW!

The Albertine range offers a perfect opportunity to enter the wonderful world of La Cornue cuisine. Combining all the characteristics of the CornuFé (elegance, signature design, and excellent cooking performance) within a 90cm model and single oven. A unique but majestic oven (110 litres!) makes it possible to roast very large pieces or to juxtapose two dishes at once for sharing and entertaining. Available at e&s, Glasgow Engineering and Hart & Co.

Build your own

With customisable choices of configuration, colours and trims, there are no less than 8,000 options available to you to design your own 'bespoke' cooker to suit your own requirements, desires and appetites. Build your own cooker now and start your own La Cornue journey.
150 Chateau Burgundy Polished cooper gloss black cabinets w polished copper matching rangehood