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Why That Wine Went Bad and How You Can Learn From Mistakes

It’s what nightmares are made of.

After a challenging but rewarding week, your thoughts are consumed on the commute home with only one thing on your mind – ‘that’ bottle of wine.  You know the one I’m referring to right?

‘That’ bottle.  Hidden in the bottom of the kitchen cupboard.  ‘That’ one you’ve been holding onto for years.  Waiting for the perfect celebratory occasion.  Or to reward yourself for a job well done.

Finally you make it home.  Crack open that bottle of liquid joy.  Pour a glass into your ‘good’ crystal (cause why would you drink it out of just any wine glass?).  Kick your shoes off.  Wriggle your toes.  Relax on the lounge recliner.  Take a sip and……blurgh…. spit it back in the glass…. It has pretty much turned to vinegar… oh the disappointment!

Naturally you start to ask what went wrong?  It was stored in a cool dry place right? Wrong!  Unfortunately storing wine in cupboards or wine stands just doesn’t cut the mustard.  Especially those little criss-cross nooks that manage to find a home in new kitchens to fill a void.

Consider the whole environment.  Not just the space where ‘that’ wine was concealed.  Nearby fridges dispense warm air as they try to keep the temperature down on the inside.  Ovens and cooktops produce an immense amount of heat during operation.  Household temperatures fluctuate day in and day out within the home, particularly over the warmer months like spring and summer.  Humidity during these times is also greatly affected.

‘That’ wine never stood a chance.  May it rest in peace (after you’ve poured it down the drain).

Liebherr wine cellars are the very simple solution.

The really good news, though, is that there is a very simple solution.

A Liebherr wine cellar.  A purpose built appliance for not only ‘that’ wine, but every wine.  For both short term and long term storage.  Impervious to the outside world, a Liebherr wine cellar creates the perfect climate and environment for wines to mature in peace.

With single, dual, triple and multi-zone wine cellars in the Liebherr range, freestanding, built-in or underbench, you can rest assure there will be a cellar to suit your needs.  Set the temperature between 5°C to 20°C (5 to 18 for the multi-zone) and voila – it is that simple – your wine can and will relax in comfort and style.

Liebherr refrigeration and wine cellars
Liebherr EWTdf 3553 Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cellar with Optional Stainless Steel Door Kit. Paired with fully integrated freezer and fridge.

Even more importantly, Liebherr wine cellars come with all the bells and whistles which are imperative to making sure your wine investment does not turn to vinegar.  They are not just a fridge!

For example;

  • charcoal filters – for constant fresh air
  • hand crafted beech wood shelves that hold up to a staggering 25kg per shelf – so your wine is secure
  • ventilation fans to increase humidity – ultimate for long term storage
  • door open and temperature alarms – you will be alerted if the door is left open or temperature isn’t right

What more could you ask for?

UV protection on the glass doors? Done

Key lock to keep the wine secure? Affirmative

Label holders so you can easily locate your desired drop? Yes they’ve thought of everything

Not to mention the compressor that is mounted on an isolation block to minimise vibrations, so sediment is left alone and not encouraged to take a swim throughout the bottle. 

Now that you are bursting with excitement that your next drop of ‘that’ wine can be well taken care of, why not contact Liebherr on 1800 685 899 or visit the website for further information about the range of wine cellars.