Dual-fuel-range-cookers Dual Fuel Range Cookers

Manufactured in the UK at the original plant in Royal Leamington Spa since 1830, Falcon specialises in the manufacture of range cookers and has a heritage spanning over 190 years.

Falcon range cookers continue to be built to the highest standards and are designed to stand the test of time in aesthetics, durability and quality. Every Falcon range cooker is continually assessed to strict quality controls throughout the production process and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Falcon offers a wide range of traditional and contemporary designs across 13 colour options, nickel, chrome or brass fittings and 3 fuel types.

How many options are there in dual fuel range cookers?

Falcon have a very large range of dual fuel range cookers. Dual fuel means the upright range cookers feature gas burners, either one or two electrics ovens and a grill (either separate or built-in).

There are currently 16 different dual fuel styles to choose from across 10 ranges which includes the sizes 90cm, 100cm and 110cm, along with up to 13 colours to choose from depending on the model. Maybe bold Cherry Red or Cranberry are your style? Olive Green or the new Mineral Green might pull at your apron strings? Or the softer understated tones of Royal Pearl, White, Ivory or Cream? Quite simply Stainless Steel might be your preference. With a colour to suit all tastes there is a Falcon range cooker to suit every home.

What features do the gas hobs include?

All gas hobs in the range have either 5 or 6 gas burners including a multi ring burner (sometimes two!), perfect for wok cooking or bringing a large pot of water to the boil very quickly. Selected gas hobs in the 110cm size also feature 2 ceramic zones with a non stick griddle plate, along with the gas burners. Talk about flexibility – having two available fuel sources on the hob! Many cookers include as standard a wok cradle and non stick griddle plate. For those that do not, they are available to purchase as an optional extra.

What features do the ovens include?

Depending on the model the ovens in the dual fuel range cookers are either fan forced electric ovens or multi function. Plus, our Nexus Steam includes a dedicated steam oven, whist our Nexus SE features a dedicated slow oven, two very special abilities. One of our most unique cookers the 90cm FX & FXP features one large multi function oven that can be converted into a small cavity with the installation of an energy saving panel divider.

A fan forced oven means it uses an element at the back of the oven. The fan draws the air from the interior of the oven, heats it up and forces it back into the cavity. The heat within the oven is evenly distributed making it ideal for multiple dishes across different levels (batch cooking or the cooking of different foods at the same temperature). Multi function ovens feature from 7 to 13 functions depending on the model, so you can choose the function that suits the cooking. Selected range cookers also feature a handy rack. No more scorching your hands in the oven cavity when you reach in for your roast. The handy rack attaches to the main oven door, pulling the roasting tray out for supremely easy access. Holds up to 5.5kg.

All double oven models also feature a separate glide out grill. Positioned on smooth-action telescopic runners, our standard glide out grill with a two way grill trivet offers two grilling heights, whilst our deluxe glide out includes a four way grill trivet for multiple grilling level positions. Not only is it easier to check up on your food as it’s grilling but it’s also safer as it reduces the risk of pulling the grill out to far. The grill has two elements that allow either the whole area of the pan to be heated or just the right-hand half.