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Whether you refer to them as a freestanding cooker, or upright cookers, freestanding ovens or range cookers, Falcon have the appliance to suit your style and cooking needs.

Manufactured in the UK at the original plant in Royal Leamington Spa since 1830, Falcon specialises in the manufacture of range cookers and has a heritage spanning over 190 years. Falcon range cookers continue to be built to the highest standards and are designed to stand the test of time in aesthetics, durability and quality. Every Falcon range cooker is continually assessed to strict quality controls throughout the production process and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Falcon offers a wide range of traditional and contemporary designs across 13 colour options, nickel, chrome or brass fittings and 3 fuel types. With over 100 different product combinations to select from, there is a Falcon range cooker suited to any kitchen design.

What fuel types does Falcon offer?

There are three fuel types in the Falcon range which include dual fuel, gas and induction. Dual fuel means the upright range cooker has gas burners, either one or two electrics ovens and grill (either separate or built-in). Gas means the upright range cooker has gas burners, two gas ovens and a separate gas grill. Except for the Classic 90cm gas cooker which has one gas oven and one electric oven. Induction means the upright range cooker has induction cooking zones, two electric ovens and a separate grill.

We also have our Nexus Steam range cooker available in dual fuel and induction, which both include a separate electric grill, one electric oven and a dedicated steam oven. The first range cooker in Australia to feature a steam oven which makes it unique and very desirable.

What sizes are Falcon range cookers available in?

Falcon range cookers are available in 3 sizes: 90cm, 100cm and 110cm. Whilst the 100cm is exclusive to the Professional+ FXP double oven, majority of the range is available in both 90cm and 110cm sizes. Falcon’s Nexus SE featuring a dedicated slow oven and Nexus Steam featuring a dedicated steam oven are only available in 110cm due to their unique oven features.

What rangehoods are available?

Falcon have both wall canopies and undermount rangehoods to complement the Falcon range cookers. Wall canopies are available in 90cm and 110cm sizes in both black and stainless steel, whist undermount are available in 80cm and 100cm sizes finished in stainless steel.