Integrated-fridges Integrated Fridges

We have an extensive range of fully integrated appliances in Australia, including an integrated French door fridge, bottom mount integrated fridge freezers, fully integrated fridges, and fully integrated freezers.

What does fully integrated actually mean?

Fully integrated means that when the appliance is installed you won’t actually see it! Cabinetry is secured to the front of the actual appliance, usually matching the kitchen décor (but not a prerequisite!), using the door-on-door installation method, so when you close the cabinet door the fridge disappears! They make a fantastic food storage solution, with lots of space for fruit and veg, whilst keeping the actual appliance concealed behind closed door, creating a very streamline and aesthetically pleasing finish to the kitchen. With models as tall as 2 metres high, they are quite tall fridges offering lots of storage space.

Why are our range of fully integrated refrigerators so flexible?

With a choice of six fully integrated 60cm wide refrigerators in the range (SICBN 3366, SICBN 3356, SICN 3366, SICN 3356, SIKB 3550 or SIGN 3576), you can create your own personal side by side combination, based on your family needs and shopping habits. More or less fridge or freezer, no problem! Fresh food fanatic? Then more BioFresh it is! Pick the fridge, freezer or fridge/freezer pair that complements your lifestyle. Why work around your fridge demands, when the fridge can work around yours!

Our bottom mount 75cm (ECBN 5066) and 91cm (ECBN 6156) fully integrated fridge/freezers can also be paired to create an extravagant and grand scale side by side.

Whilst you wouldn’t put side by side a pair of Liebherr’s ECBN 6256 fully integrated French door refrigerator, due to the upper fridge doors opening like a side by side formation already, it is just as flexible because you can also turn this model from a hidden gem behind your own cabinetry, into a flush stainless steel appliance with the purchase of optional extra doors and handles.

For a statement piece, there are also other models in the range which offer the ability to become fully integrated stainless steel appliances with the option to purchase stainless steel door panels and handles to achieve the ever popular stainless steel look with seamless integration.

With reversible doors you can also have your fridge or freezer with either left- or right-hand hinges, to suit your kitchen layouts or personal preference.

Monolith Integrated Appliances. Cooling redefined.

Our Monolith range of integrated appliances offer a towering achievement in cooling technology. As an individual integrated fridge and individual integrated freezer, side by side they create an impressive visual statement. Offering both BioFresh (0°C) and BioFreshPlus (-2°C & 0°C) technology for the ultimate in fresh food storage, these tall fridges are large capacity and offer lots of space. With a concealed water dispenser in the fridge door, cool filtered water is readily available, without compromising the flush smooth integrated appearance. Glass shelves and seamlessly integrated LED lighting that can be fine tuned according to personal taste, make locating items easy whether night or day.