Commercial-upright-freezers Commercial Upright Freezers

Liebherr Upright & Countertop Freezers are the ideal Commercial Upright Freezer solution. They offer perfect cooling performance and meet the most exacting demands. The interior temperature can be precisely set to between -14°C and -28°C. Premium-quality materials, optimised and high-performance components, and first-rate workmanship ensure a long service life and ensure that appliances offer optimum storage conditions for frozen products

No need to defrost: Liebherr’s NoFrost technology in the commercial upright freezer range provides outstanding freezing performance for professional-standard, long-term freshness. To ensure that the freezer always remains ice-free and that food does not frost over, food is frozen using circulating chilled air and any moisture is removed.

Efficient Refrigeration System

Liebherr guarantees the outstanding quality of its refrigeration systems through expertise derived from decades of experience in the refrigeration technology sector, and through continuous research and development. By employing only premium-quality compressors, condensers, evaporators and other refrigeration components the energy consumption and operating costs of Liebherr appliances are significantly reduced.

Stainless Steel Housing

The outer housing is constructed using single-sheet side panels without any gaps, making it extremely hygienic and easy to clean. Stainless steel is a highly robust, stainless, alloy steel – perfect for the requirements of the professional sector.

Height-Adjustable Feet

In locations where daily hygiene is imperative, the height-adjustable levelling feet offer generous floor clearance and ensure that cleaning under the appliance can be easily and conveniently performed.

Forced Air Cooling

Highly efficient fans cool freshly stored produce quickly and maintain an even refrigeration temperature throughout the interior.

High Impact Product Presentation

The glass door merchandising freezer provides the optimum high-quality single-door display freezer solution thanks to its energy-saving LED interior lighting, single pane tempered glass door and nofrost technology.

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