Liebherr’s BioFresh & BioFreshPlus Technology VS Traditional Refrigerator Crispers

So you’ve been investigating the Liebherr world of refrigeration for possibly a while now or maybe you’ve only just discovered it and you keep hearing the words ‘BioFresh’ and ‘BioFreshPlus’ being thrown around. But what do these words actually mean? In very simple, easy to understand terms it is basically technology that was invented to help preserve the vitamins and minerals found in fresh foods and lengthens their lifespan!

Precision electronics in the BioFresh drawer ensure that the temperature is maintained at just above 0°C, preventing food from freezing, with adjustable humidity for different food types. Foods such as fruit and vegetables thrive best with high humidity, while meat, fish & dairy products are better in a dry environment. Whilst for the BioFreshPlus drawer the temperature can be set at -2°C (fish and seafood) or 0°C.  Selected models can be set at +6°C with different humidity levels, allowing you to store tropical fruits for longer.

So here are some examples of every day foods stored in a BioFresh or BioFreshPlus environment compared to a traditional refrigerator crisper.

Refrigerator: Up to 50 days
BioFresh / BioFreshPlus (0°C): Up to 80 days
Potential lifespan increase: 30 days!

Fresh milk
Refrigerator: Up to 3 days
BioFresh / BioFreshPlus (0°C): Up to 12 days
Potential lifespan increase: 9 days!

Refrigerator: Up to 30 days
BioFresh / BioFreshPlus (0°C): Up to 90 days
Potential lifespan increase: 60 days!

Egg (Raw)
Refrigerator: Up to 15 days
BioFresh / BioFreshPlus (0°C): Up to 45 days
Potential lifespan increase: 30 days!

Refrigerator: Up to 23 days
BioFreshPlus (6°C): Up to 27 days
Potential lifespan increase: 4 days!

Refrigerator: Up to 1 day
BioFresh: Up to 2 days
BioFreshPlus (-2°C): Up to 4 days
Potential lifespan increase: 3 days!

For a more comprehensive list of storage life for a large range of food types in a BioFresh or BioFreshPlus compartment download our free APP.

Please note: All values are standard and vary on an individual basis depending on the variety and proper storage with an uninterrupted cooling chain from harvesting / producer to the Liebherr BioFresh refrigerator. Above tests were conducted April 2008. For all food stuffs with an expiry / use by date, the date on the package applies.