Liebherr Professional Profi-Line Refrigeration

Exacting standards are demanded by the food industry and the Liebherr Professional refrigeration products exceed these demands and expectations.

German-engineered, the Liebherr Professional Profi-Line Refrigerator is an energy-efficient unit using 0.7 kWh which equates to a running cost of approximately 20 cents per day. All Profi-Line refrigerators use R290 refrigerate gas which is both environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Featuring two internal fans to ensure a uniform temperature remains consistent, while the visual and audible alarm is there to assist. The defrosting function saves you time with defrosting taking between 8-10 minutes.

The stainless steel door opens to 90 degrees which allows the trays and shelves to slide out with no interruption. Once the door is shut to 60 degrees, it then automatically closes to ensure we don’t loose too much cool air.

The Liebherr Professional Profi-Line Refrigerator helps you save on energy and most importantly on running costs, whilst your food stays at a constant temperature.