Liebherr Professional FKVsl 3613 Merchandising Refrigerator

There are exacting standards demanded by the beverage industry and the Liebherr Professional refrigeration products exceed these demands and expectations.

German-engineered, the Liebherr Professional FKVsI 3613 merchandising refrigerator is an energy-efficient unit, using approximately 1.2kW per day which is an average 36c/day. Features like its walls being insulated with a foam polyurethane ensures the interior temperature remains constant.

Finished in a silver steel, the merchandise refrigerator boasts a double-insulated glass door, which can be either left or right hinged. This feature assists with the unit keeping its constant temperature, along with the self-closing function. The LED lighting illuminates all the way through the body.

The wire shelving allows for consistent air movement which is generated by the internal fan.

The Liebherr Professional FKVsI 3613 merchandising refrigerator helps you save on energy and most importantly on running costs, whilst your food stays at a constant temperature.