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Liebherr Refrigeration Today

Liebherr are a market leader in refrigeration and have become Europe’s largest manufacturer, since it commenced production of its first refrigeration line in 1954.  A German family owned business specialising in refrigeration, Liebherr is synonymous with quality and innovation.  Each and every appliance has been designed and manufactured using precision and the latest technology, features and well-executed storage solutions.

Whether it is a freestanding stainless steel side by side, integrated pigeon pair or built-in underbench model, Liebherr’s appliances all ooze sophistication in every kitchen setting. With the continuing trend for homes towards open plan living, Liebherr’s premium integrated refrigerators and freezers offer the ultimate finish to suit any kitchen decor. Fully integrated refrigeration allows you to conceal your fridge and freezer behind cabinetry that matches your décor perfectly. This allows you to streamline the kitchen appearance, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment.


All but a few of Liebherr’s refrigerators are manufactured in Germany, ensuring superior precision workmanship. They offer a multitude of features such as LED lighting, SuperCool & SuperFrost functions (for fast cool down options), electronic controls (for ease of use and precise temperature) and GlassLine storage shelves. Perhaps one of the most significant and unique Liebherr features however is BioFresh.

Liebherr’s BioFresh Technology
Liebherr’s BioFresh technology offers you just the right climate for all different kinds of food. The low humidity DrySafe is ideal for storing meat, fish and dairy products. Fruit and vegetables are best kept in HydroSafe with a high level of humidity. Precision electronics ensure the temperature is accurately maintained at just above 0°C, thus preventing your food from freezing. Selected models feature BioFreshPlus enabling storage from fish to exotic fruits at -2°C, 0°C or 6°C. Foods stored in BioFresh and BIoFreshPlus compartments retain healthy vitamins, aroma and appetising appearance up to three times longer than in a conventional fridge.

Passion for Wine
Liebherr’s passion for producing exceptional refrigeration also flows through to their range of premium wine cellars. It was in the 1980s that the manufacturing process expanded to include an extensive range of wine cellars. Today, Liebherr offer single zone, dual zone, triple zone, and multi zone storage solutions that are specifically tailored for wine (in both freestanding and built-in depending on the model). When it comes to premium wine storage, Liebherr is the only choice.

It is only under ideal conditions that a good wine can develop into a quality vintage and guarantee maintaining its long-term value. For this, the technically advanced single zone wine cellars and multi zone wine cellars from Liebherr are the perfect answer. Incorporating the latest climate technology, they provide precisely the right conditions for wines to mature in peace and reach their peak of flavour.

Manufactured in Austria, Liebherr wine cellars include attributes such as a state-of-the-art electronic control system and unique compressors designed to absorb vibrations. A host of other thoughtfully designed features, like the activated charcoal filter, automatic humidity control and the double glazed tinted glass doors for essential UV protection, make Liebherr wine cellars the ultimate in wine storage solutions.

Today, Liebherr manufacture and distribute a vast array of fridges and wine cellars to all corners of the globe. With their superior German engineering, Liebherr is leading the world in design, innovation and energy efficiency.