Liebherr Beverage Centre & Wine Cellar – When A Need Becomes A Want!

If you find yourself building a new home or renovating your existing kitchen, it is the perfect time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to major kitchen appliances. There are certain staple appliances which are considered a ‘need’, items such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, cooktop and rangehood. But what about shall we say the ones some may consider ‘non-essential’ appliances, the ‘wants’ of the world?

Take Liebherr’s built-in underbench glass door beverage centre (UKes 1752) and the built-in underbench dual zone wine cellar (UWTes 1672) as prime examples. Some might say these are luxury items, but for others they are considered an absolute, unequivocal essential for anyone that loves entertaining. Now before I jump into the nitty gritty details of these two entertainers dream appliances, rest assured I am not biased (well maybe just a little).

As an advocate for Liebherr and a proud owner of both a Liebherr beverage centre and dual zone wine cellar, these two items without a doubt take pride and place in the entertaining area, warding off dehydration for the last eight years by chilling water, juices, soft drinks, beer and wine for our thirsty guests. So let me tell you a little more about these magnificent little gems.

Liebherr Built In Underbench Dual Zone Wine Cellar UWTes 1672 Lifestyle
Liebherr Built In Underbench Dual Zone Wine Cellar UWTes 1672

Liebherr Underbench Dual Zone Wine Cellar – UWTes 1672

Liebherr’s dual zone UWTes 1672 built-in underbench wine cellar is the only solution when it comes to premium, in home, professional wine storage, whether installed solo or as the ultimate side by side companion with Liebherr’s UKes 1752 built-in underbench glass door beverage centre. Offering features such as insulated glass with UV protection framed in stainless steel, dimmable LED lighting, an activated charcoal filter (maintaining fresh air), key lock and untreated beech wood shelves on telescopic rails.

To maintain the perfect serving or storage temperature, it can be set to a precise temperature between 5°C and 20°C. Offering two independent zones, the UWTes 1672 wine cellar means that red and white wines can also be stored in their own compartments at their individual optimum temperature.

Liebherr Underbench Glass Door Beverage Centre – UKes 1752

With a temperature range of 2°C to 20°C, the MEPS rated UKes 1752 glass door beverage centre offers the perfect storage solution for your food and beverages. Installed under the bench top, the double-glazed glass door beverage centre, framed in stainless steel, allows you to store food and beverages at their optimal temperature. The tinted safety glass door ensures unwanted, harmful UV rays are filtered, whilst a key lock deters unwanted entry.

Liebherr Glass Door Beverage Centre UKes 1752
Liebherr Glass Door Beverage Centre UKes 1752

The MagicEye controls and internal LED temperature display means that you can easily adjust the temperature according to your requirements – from soft drink, to beer, juice or even any food type – the temperature is precise. An internal light also make it easy to locate your favourite items from within. There are multiple storage options including two glass shelves, of which one is divisible for tall items, one pull-out grid shelf on telescopic rails for easy access to rear items and a base shelf.

Once installed under your kitchen bench or on show in your home entertaining space you will wonder how you ever lived without them!

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