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Fully integrated refrigerators and freezers allow for kitchen cabinetry to be secured to the front of the appliance completely concealing it.  Appliances are built-in to cavities which allows the kitchen cabinetry to be streamlined and is aesthetically pleasing.

Fully integrated refrigerators and freezers have specific ventilation requirements which are imperative for correct operation.  Ventilation requirements differ depending on the model; ECBN & UIK/UIG models have built-in ventilation grills in the plinth while all other integrated refrigerators and freezers require ventilation to be installed above and below the appliance (see below video).  It is essential that installers ensure minimum ventilation is provided in accordance with the installation manual that accompanies the actual appliance.

Appliance faults resulting from incorrect installation or inadequate ventilation may not be covered by warranty.

“Images are for illustrative purposes only. Visuals may vary depending on the model.”