BioFreshPlus technology provides greater flexibility and control for ideal food storage conditions. With its independent electronic control system the temperature can be set at -2°C (fish) or 0°C (fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products).

Thanks to the independent electronic control system, the temperature in the top BioFreshPlus compartment can be adjusted to -2ºC, this together with the DrySafe setting makes the ideal environment for keeping fish and seafood fresher for longer.

Meat and dairy products
Low humidity and a temperature just above freezing point are the ideal storage conditions for meat and dairy products. BioFresh with the DrySafe setting provides this type of climate and keeps it constant at all times.

Fruit and vegetables
Fruit and vegetables are best kept in the HydroSafe with high humidity. A precision electronic control system ensures the temperature is maintained at just above 0ºC, preventing damaging frostbite.

BluPerformance exclusive additional feature
For BluPerformance appliances featuring BioFreshPlus the singular drawer can be split in two with both the -2°C and 0°C set.

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