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VIC Cooking Demonstration: Was impressed at how many parts can be dishwashed! Also the easy of cleaning the grill plate. Was happy to hear the wok cradle is included in purchase. Impressed how evenly cooked the yoghurt bread was.


VIC Cooking Demonstration: The combination of cutting-edge technology combined with classic styling is an impressive blend. I also appreciate the substance of the cookers, and how they are aimed at the serious cook!


I spent a lot of time looking for the right freestanding oven/cooktop for me. I bought this model because it could fit my big 31cm oval Le Creuset pot and my 40cm Le Creuset baking dish in each oven at the same time!!! I've been using my Falcon for 6 months now and I couldn't be happier. I love that both ovens come up to temperature very quickly; the food cooks evenly and I can see into the dish easily. The racks are easy to slide in and out on, but if I did have a wish, it would be that Falcon did a slide-out rack on the right oven. (Please note I am being very picky here!!) The fact that the steam goes up the rear vent and out through the rangehood makes my kitchen much cooler. I find the enamel on the cooktop easy to keep clean and the burners are easy to use and regulate. Finally, the smallest simmer burner is towards the front and not at the back as a lot of other gas cooktops! I have used the grill a few times and it works well. If you like cooking and love a reliable appliance that is well built, this is the cooker for you!!!


I was a little worried about purchasing this oven and I had not heard of the brand before - but it suited the style of house we have and seemed like better quality when I compared it to brands that looked similar when I tested it in the show room. I've now had it installed for around 6 months and I can honestly say its the bees knees and if I ever move I will buy a Falcon again. Not only is it the showstopper everyone asks about when they come into the kitchen because of how good it looks, its functional to boot. The 2 ovens make cooking so flexible and the burner area is really easy to clean compared to my old gas oven. You wont regret dropping your money into this fantastic oven.


Absolutely love everything about my new oven. Has really lived up to my expectations, cooking has again become a passion of mine. My new oven is efficient and time saving, thought I would use my oven divider more, but I seem to pack a lot into one cooking spree. My first 900 oven and I love it.