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NSW Cooking Demonstration: I found it a very friendly and informative demonstration. Food was amazing and very impressed with the oven.

Alison Martin

VIC Cooking Demonstration: Showing the features in a very practical way, answering all questions, group atmosphere was fantastic as some already had cookers and their questions showed they weren't using some of the features. This was then refreshed by the demonstrators. Also the care and how to clean the various parts was invaluable. Good use of time in showing features whilst preparing recipes.

Diana Brown

NSW Cooking Demonstration: Solid, well-made quality cooker evidenced in presentation of cooked food.

Gregory Thompson

VIC Cooking Demonstration: Very enjoyable & informative, the demonstration helped us chose which upright to buy.

Robert Casson

VIC Cooking Demonstration: They are very functional and easy to follow after being at the cooking demonstration. Glad l made the decision.