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Liebherr’s dual zone built-in wine cellar EWTdf 3553 is bursting with features.  With the ability to store up to eighty bottles (750ml Bordeaux), two independent temperature zones (5° to 20°C) and a triple glazed tinted glass door, it is the perfect solution for wine storage.  It’s flexible too!  With the ability to install with cabinetry to match kitchen décor or purchase a stainless steel frame and handle to create a stainless masterpiece.  It also includes a presentation shelf for storing open bottles or simply to show off your prized possessions.

Configuration Wine Cellar
Design Integrated, Built-in
Door finish Own decor panel, Glass door
Wine cellar features Activated charcoal filter, Door open & temperature alarm, Hand crafted beech wood shelves, Presentation shelf, Reversible door, Telescopic shelves
Bottle capacity 80 (750ml Bordeaux bottles)
Temperature range 5°C to 20°C
Zones Dual
Lighting Dimmable LED
Climate class rating SN-T +10°C to 43°C
Made in Austria
Warranty 5 years
Dimensions - LxWxH (mm) 552 × 559 × 1816 mm

Features & Functions of this appliance.

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Vibration Free


Dual Zone Cellar

Tinted - UV Protection

Label Holders

Presentation Shelf

Door & Temp. Alarm

Child Proof Controls

Charcoal Filter

Beech Wood Shelves


Telescopic Rails

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