ECBN 5066 Door Kit


Stainless Steel Panel & Rectangular Aluminium Handles to suit ECBN 5066 model only
Total Price: $1,360 (Fridge Door Panels, Handles & Freezer Door Panels)

Stainless Steel Door Panel 80″ height installation (1 piece) Code: 39900287 Price: $570

Stainless Steel Freezer Door Panels (2 Pieces) Code: 39900283 Price: $470

Rectangular Aluminium Handles (3 pieces) Code: 39900281 Price: $320

Please note there is an alternate door panel height if required.
Stainless Steel Door Panel (1 Piece) for 84″ height installation
Code: 39900285 Price: $570

Please note: Image is for illustrative purposes only.  Shown is the 84″ stainless steel door panel.
The ECBN 5066 Integrated Fridge/Freezer is sold separately.

Configuration Accessories
Design Integrated
Door finish Stainless Steel
Refrigerator door panel dimensions (mm) Height: 1150, Width: 755, Depth: 19
Top freezer door panel dimensions (mm) Height: 341, Width: 755, Depth: 19
Bottom freezer door panel (mm) Height: 421, Width: 755, Depth: 19
Dimensions - LxWxH (mm) N/A

Accessories that match with this product.

ECBN 5066 $11,490.00


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