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Liebherr’s SGNef 3036 freezer includes 8 transparent freezer drawers, offering ample space for storage when it comes to buying in bulk or freezing left overs, plus SuperFrost.  With Liebherr’s SuperFrost function the freezer temperature reduces to -32°C.  When switched on prior to a grocery shop it will reduce the likelihood that existing items will suffer from excessive temperature rise while the door is left open for loading or temperature transfer from added warmer items.  It is important to note that if pairing with another model it will only match the SKef 4260 fridge.

As seen on MasterChef Australia – Fans & Faves.

Configuration Freezer
Design Freestanding
Door finish Stainless Steel, Solid door
Refrigeration features SmartSteel - visibly reduces fingerprints, SuperFrost, VarioSpace, Temperature alarm
Energy star rating 3.5
Usage capacity litres 261
Lighting LED
Climate class rating SN-T +10°C to 43°C
Energy consumption (kWh/yr) 310
Made in Bulgaria
Warranty 5 years
Dimensions - LxWxH (mm) 630 × 600 × 1852 mm

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