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The Albertine (in homage to the founder of La Cornue, Albert Dupuy, and his wife Alexandrine) was designed to offer a gourmet stove at a more affordable price.  The Albertine range cooker combines all the characteristics of a CornuFé (elegance, signature design, and excellent cooking performance) with a single oven.  A unique but majestic oven (114 litres!) makes it possible to roast very large pieces or to juxtapose two dishes at once for sharing and entertaining.  The Albertine range is a perfect opportunity to enter the wonderful world of La Cornue cuisine.

Available Trim Finishes:
Brushed Nickel and Stainless Steel
Item Code: ALB90DFNB/N

Polished Brass and Stainless Steel
Item Code: ALB90DFNB/BN

Type CornuFé Albertine Cooker 90
Cooker Width 90cm
Colours Dark Navy Blue
Oven type The oven has a divider feature. When this is in place only one half of the oven is heated and only the right hand side elements are used. This saves energy and is ideal for cooking most foods. For very large loads, or large dishes for special occasions then the divider can be removed. This brings into use the elements on the left hand side as well as those on the right when a function is selected. All oven functions are available in full and divided forms and shelves are provided for use in both forms.
Hob configuration Gas hob with 5 burners
Oven door Drop down door
Storage drawer Large storage drawer underneath oven
Fuel type Dual fuel
LPG convertible Propane conversion kit included with each cooker to convert from natural gas to propane
"Bespoke" cookers - special order "Bespoke" cookers available for special order. Any choice of colour along with an extra 4 trim finishes available (POA)
Made in UK
P&L warranty (Years) 5
Width (mm) 900
Depth ex | inc handles (mm) 650 | 720
Height adjustable (mm) 912 - 937

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