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Fresher For Longer

Not all types of food need the same temperature and humidity, so Liebherr introduced an additional temperature zone ‘BioFresh’, where many types of food can be kept fresh significantly longer than in a traditional refrigerator compartment. Keeping the temperature at just above 0°C combined with high humidity (HyrdoSafe) results in fruit and vegetables staying fresher for longer, while a dry environment (DrySafe) is ideal for storing meat, fish and dairy products.
BioFreshPlus technology provides greater flexibility and control for ideal food storage conditions. With its independent electronic control system, the temperature can be set at -2°C (fish and seafood) or 0°C (fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products).

Meat and dairy products

Low humidity and a temperature just above freezing point are the ideal storage conditions for meat and dairy products. BioFresh with the DrySafe setting provides this type of climate and always keeps it constant. A dry environment can be achieved by sliding the humidity control to the left.
BioFresh Meat and Dairy Products

Fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are best kept in the HydroSafe with high humidity. A precision electronic control system ensures the temperature is maintained at just above 0ºC, preventing damaging frostbite. A humid environment can be achieved by sliding the humidity control to the right.
BioFresh Fruit and Vegetables

Fish and seafood

Thanks to the independent electronic control system, the temperature in the top BioFreshPlus compartment can be adjusted to -2ºC, this together with the DrySafe setting makes the ideal environment for keeping fish and seafood fresher for longer.
BioFreshPlus Fish

Valuable vitamins and minerals

With BioFresh, not only is the appearance and fresh flavour maintained but first and foremost, the valuable vitamins and minerals our bodies crave are preserved much longer. Research revealed benefits of a BioFresh drawer compared to a normal refrigerator included 92% higher vitamin C values, with some foods even showing an increase in vitamin C content. Weight retention during storage was also increased by 68.3% on average and wastage in preparation was significantly reduced.
BioFresh Valuable Vitamins and Minerals

Food waste in Australia

According to Food Bank we throw away on average 1 in 5 shopping bags of food in the bin - around 312kg per person. Per household this is around $2000 to $2500 every year! Edible foods are often thrown away including those close to best before dates or just after. That’s where Liebherr’s BioFresh technology can play an important role in reducing food waste. In BioFresh food stays fresher for longer, meaning you have more time to consume.
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Money in your pocket

The ability to store produce longer is not only a benefit to reducing landfill, it is also money in your pocket. Whilst the initial investment for a Liebherr BioFresh refrigerator might be more than anticipated, over the long term you will save money that you may have been literally ‘throwing in the bin’ when unconsumed food is tossed. Fresh food lasts significantly longer in a BioFresh drawer so you have more days to allow you to use it all. Therefore, you are not throwing food away, essentially throwing money down the drain. Plus, less frequent trips to the store means the reduced risk of purchasing unnecessary items we don’t really need.
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How BioFresh assists with Ethylene

Ethylene isn’t all bad even though it’s a major contributor in shortening the life of your hard earned produce. It can assist with the ripening process of foods when placing upripe fruit next to a high emitting ethylene food. However for the most part you really want to slow down the release of Ethylene gas to maximise your product shelf life. Find out how BioFresh can assist.
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A cold mist covers fruit and vegetables like a protective balm. It ensures crisp freshness and improves structure – the special wow effect for fruit and vegetables in the BioFresh Professional safe. The cold mist combined with a temperature in the drawer of around 0 °C gives food that extra a boost for longer shelf life. And it creates a genuine visual wow effect. HydroBreeze is activated every 90 minutes for 4 seconds and for 8 seconds when the door is opened. HydroBreeze is exclusive to ICBNh 5173.

Storage made easy - BioFresh App

So, with an abundance of fruit, vegetables, fish, seafood, meat and dairy varieties available how do you know what to store where, the optimum humidity and the best temperature? To make things a little easier, Liebherr have a free BioFresh App available for download via your SmartPhone or Android App store. Search Liebherr BioFresh in the App store.
BioFresh App_Example

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From freestanding to integrated, side by side to stand alone, BioFresh technology is available in a range of Liebherr appliance styles. View the complete BioFresh range.
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