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NEW OpenStage Drawers

Inspired by refrigerated display cases in fine delicatessens, the OpenStage concept elegantly showcases your food. Thanks to transparent glass drawers you can have everything perfectly displayed. The different heights make it easy to store food of different sizes. In the bottom OpenStage drawer, practical dividers ensure bottles are held securely.

NEW IceTower

You will never run out of cold drinks at your party with our IceTower, which holds 5.7kg of ice cubes! The ice cube scoop and the pull-out tray on telescopic rails allow easy access to the ice cubes. An extra insert tray means you can also store less and make room for frozen food underneath. The adjacent drawer provides storage space for frozen goods.

BioFresh - Fresher for longer

Not all types of food need the same temperature and humidity, so Liebherr introduced an additional temperature zone ‘BioFresh’, where many types of food can be kept fresh significantly longer than in a traditional refrigerator compartment at just above 0°C. Using the HydroSafe (high humidity) and DrySafe (dry environment) drawers food stays fresher for longer.
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Integrated Fridges & Freezers

Fully integrated refrigerators and freezers allow for kitchen cabinetry to be secured to the front of the appliance completely concealing it. Appliances are built-in to cavities which allows the kitchen cabinetry to be streamlined and is aesthetically pleasing.

Freestanding Bottom Mount Refrigeration

Bottom mount refrigeration is known for having more freezer storage when compared to a traditional top mount fridge, whilst still offering ample fridge space. Features such as SuperCool and SuperFrost also ensure fresh food is quickly chilled or frozen after a grocery shop.
Liebherr Bottom Mount CNef 4315_5.5 star energy rated fridge

Wine Cellars For Storage

Whilst a fridge might be a temporary solution for chilling a white wine or champagne for a dinner party, a fridge is not the right place to store, cellar or serve your wine. Liebherr wine cellars provide the optimal conditions for wine storage and preservation, including constant and ideal temperature and humidity, vibration-free compressors and UV protection.
Liebherr Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cellar EWTdf 3553

Freestanding Flexible Side by Sides

Simply pick a left and right side of the appliance from the available range to create your ultimate side by side. Liebherr provides the freedom to have more or less fridge or freezer, the choice is yours. View the optional accessories TAB under each model to check which appliances can be paired.
Liebherr Freestanding SidebySide With Wine Compartment SBSes 8486

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