What to do with leftover bread

Summer is almost upon us and what goes hand in hand with summer? Barbeques of course! When the sun is beaming, the sky is clear and the days are long it is a ‘must have’ event for many, to invite friends and family around for a few snags and burgers on the barbie. Throw into the mix some bread, different types of salads and drinks – it’s a perfect day!

Now I don’t know about everyone else, but I always end up with leftovers after a BBQ, in particular bread of all varieties… whether it be burger rolls, sandwich bread, wraps or bread sticks. I don’t like waste, so I started to come up with creative ways to make sure I used up every last scrap.

So here is my top ten ways to use left-over bread varieties after your first summer BBQ.

1) Bread crumbs – why wait until you actually need them? Be prepared when your next recipe calls for the addition of bread crumbs. Pulverise some bread in a food processor, place in a zip lock bag and store in your freezer.

2) Croutons – cut your bread into desirable crouton size and bake. Again even if you don’t need them straight away, store them in an airtight container for consumption within a few days. They make a great accompaniment for Caeser salads or even soup.

3) Quiche – torn up rolls or pieces of bread make a great substitute base for a quiche, rather than traditional pastry. The bread absorbs the egg so gives it that great French toast texture.

4) Bread & Butter pudding – need I say more? A delicious dessert alternative with slices of bread!

5) French toast – soak your bread slices (not for too long or they’ll fall apart!) in a lovely egg mix (I use 1-2 beaten eggs, a dash of milk, salt, pepper and herbs), then fry each side until golden brown. Eat as is, or top with delicious berries, sliced banana and a drizzle of honey.

6) Pie casing – wraps make a great alternative to pastry for pies (and are much healthier!)

7) Lasagne layers – why not use wraps as the layer in between your mince instead of traditional lasagne sheets. Again a much healthier alternative and just as delicious!

8) Crisps for dips – Cut your left over wraps into triangle shapes, spray with a little oil, sprinkle your favourite herbs and bake in the oven until crisp and golden. They make a great alternative to chips, to accompany your favourite dip!

Fried triangle lavash chips in white plate with fresh parsley9) Garlic bread – with any rolls, sliced bread or bread sticks you can make your own garlic bread. Slice to desired thickness, then lather with your own DIY garlic butter (I use butter, garlic, herbs and parmesan cheese!), place in the oven and voila… delicious!

10) Toasted sandwich – you can’t go past a traditional toastie! You can use just about anything as a filling… even left over burgers or sausages from your BBQ. I like to fry my toastie on the cooktop though, rather than use a sandwich press, creating a café style finish.