Multi Function Cooking with Falcon

Your oven has just baked its last cake… finally it has been called to meet its maker after years of providing you and your family with countless meals and maybe a few desserts! How hard can it be to buy a new oven right? You just switch them on and select the temperature – that’s how your recently departed oven worked.

So off to the local electrical store you go where you are immediately overwhelmed by the exponential range of brands and products. To top it all off, you also discover that ovens no longer simply turn on and cook the food they can now create sumptuous mouth-watering delights by adapting the heating style to suit the food. Your conventional electric oven is a thing of the past, not only can you get fan forced ovens, there are multi-function ovens! So what does that exactly mean?

In essence a multi-function oven means that it will have two or more cooking styles. A basic multi-function oven might offer you both conventional (top and bottom oven elements) and fan forced (an element rear centre stage surrounding a fan). But delve a bit deeper and you will find multi-function ovens that will offer you functions in excess of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…and so on…. You get the picture!

Basically a multi-function oven allows you to select the optimal function to suit the food type. Selected Falcon freestanding cookers, for example, offer seven functions:

Defrost – A safe way to speed up the defrosting process. The fan is used to circulate unheated air, so you won’t accidentally overcook the food like a microwave can

Fan oven – Draws air from the interior of the oven, heats it up and forces it back into the cavity again, resulting in evenly distributed heat for multi-level cooking

 Conventional oven – A traditional cooking method where the top and bottom elements combine to create a natural convection process that centres the heat in the top of the oven 

• Fanned grilling – Enables the door to be closed while grilling, which grills the food more evenly

Fan assisted oven – Uses the conventional elements along with the fan, to produce zoned cooking, with the hottest zone featured at the top of the oven

Browning element – Perfect for browning off dishes

Base heat – This cooking method uses the lower element only and is often used for slow cooking or creating the ultimate crispy pizza base

The Falcon Classic Deluxe also offers an additional function called Rapid Response which quickly heats up the oven – no more waiting forever for the oven to preheat! For more details about Falcon multi-function cooking click here.

Why not download our free Falcon recipe book today to see a variety of entrée, main and dessert recipes that can be cooked perfectly using different multi-function features.