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  • The quality of a Falcon stove cannot be surpassed. I had another European stove before the Falcon but had a lot of trouble with it and had to pay $200 just to replace the broken oven hinges. I asked the repairman which oven to buy and he told me he never has to fix Falcon ovens. I have had my Falcon for 5 years and it's still like new. I love that I have two ovens if I am cooking a huge a meal. The fan forced electric ovens are great - near fail to produce great baked goods and meals. I also love the large flat hot plate you can use on the gas burners. It is great for steak, pancakes or a big breakfast fry up.


  • What else can I say the oven and range hood combo is Falcon unbelievable besides its impressive looks. The twin ovens work amazingly when we're entertaining. So grateful and a pleasure to use cheers.

    Robert Dimeski