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  • So far everything works extremely well, from cook tops to the oven, both small and large ovens. Because the fan forced oven elements are so efficient I have scarcely used the top and lower elements as yet. I took a while to become accustomed to the hotter oven temperatures which enables a lower thermostat setting and/or quicker cooking. Everything from bread and cakes to roasts now turns out very well. As for the gas stove top elements, I really appreciate that it has a low flame burner which does not need a diffuser in order to simmer, the medium flame burners for mid-range cooking in addition to the high flame wok burner. It is all very simple to use and easy to clean.


  • VIC Cooking Demonstration: We love our FXP, and thank you so much for the great recipes and inspiration provided today so that we know we are getting the most out of it.