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The History Of Falcon – Upright Cookers At The Heart Of The Home

In 1830 William Flavel invented ‘The Kitchener’. It was the world’s first range cooker which has since influenced Falcon cookers for subsequent generations. Boiling, roasting and warming all from the...

Falcon’s Easter Chocolate & Hazelnut Torte Recipe

When it comes to Easter there are many food traditions and Easter customs practised which may be defined by religious beliefs, cultural upbringing or country of birth. One such custom is the giving of chocolate Easter...

How Should Chocolate Be Stored – Fridge, Freezer or Room Temperature? Liebherr Explains.

With Easter fast approaching – so too does the annual dilemma associated with it – should Easter chocolate be kept in the refrigerator, freezer or at room temperature? For every other day chocolate consumers...

Did you know that storing flammable chemicals in domestic fridges and freezers in your lab could be a serious health and safety risk?

Liebherr BioMedical
Flammable chemicals stored in domestic fridges and freezers can release nasty and harmful odours into the surrounding environment, potentially affecting the health and well being of those working into the lab. Also when...

Falcon’s Very Flexible Oven – The Professional+ 90cm FX & FXP

Without fail each year at Christmas time (or for any other large event for that matter) our family is faced with the dilemma of how we are going to fit everything into the small oven to cook. Everything is timed down to...

When The Falcon Clock Does More Than Just Tell You The Time

The moment has finally arrived. Your Falcon upright range cooker has been delivered and has been installed by a qualified electrician (or gas fitter, where applicable of course). Understandably you are bursting at the...

How To Use Liebherr’s Refrigerator BioFresh Compartments Effectively

Congratulations! You’ve made the right decision purchasing a Liebherr BioFresh refrigerator. Knowing your fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood and dairy can last significantly longer than a conventional...

It’s All In The Cork – Liebherr Analyses Wine Corks And Storage

Traditionally, if you wanted to open a bottle of wine or Champagne you had no option other than to use a traditional corkscrew to pop the cork. The cork closure was, and continues to be used to contain the liquid whilst...

13 Key Features You Need To Know About The Falcon NEXUS 110cm Induction Upright Cooker

Falcon have a sensational new upright range cooker - the NEXUS.  Available in both dual fuel and induction, plus 90cm or 110cm. Here are thirteen (13) key features you need to know about the Falcon NEXUS...

15 Key Features of a Liebherr Wine Cellar

Liebherr wine cellars are not a fridge. They are a wine cellar. Purpose built to mimic a traditional wine cellar dug into the depths of the earth. With the right humidity, perfect air quality and optimum temperature...