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20 key features of Liebherr integrated refrigeration

Whilst there are many more features of Liebherr integrated refrigeration, we chose the top 20 key features everyone should know.

1. BioFresh
Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy stay fresh for significantly longer in a BioFresh compartment.  Maintained at a temperature of just above 0°C, dairy, meat & fish are best kept in DrySafe (low humidity) while fruit & vegetables are best kept in HydroSafe (high humidity).

2. Bottle Shelf – Integrated
Holding up to five bottles in a space saving way, the moulded shelf can also be converted to a standard shelf for extra storage, with the insertion of a glass panel.

3. DuoCooling
Unlike many traditional fridge-freezers that run on one system which incorporates pushing frigid air into the fridge to maintain temperature, all Liebherr fridge-freezers have DuoCooling - two completely independent cooling circuit systems.  This means there is no odour transfer, DuoCooling prevents the ‘freezing effect’ on fruits and vegetables, it reduces the risk of the food in the fridge from drying out, plus the fridge and freezer can be switched off independently from each other.

4. FrostSafe
Cold temperatures are generated below and above every drawer with the FrostSafe system.  The freezer drawers are extra deep, transparent and sealed all around.

5. GlassLine Storage Shelves
Finished with a stainless steel trim, the GlassLine storage shelves are scratch resistant, strong and easy to clean.  For taller items, one of the glass shelves is sectioned so that the front half can slide under the other to allow storage.

6. IceMaker
Be ready for every occasion with a constant supply of ice cubes.  Permanently plumbed or water tank (SICN 3366) options are available.

7. LED Light Column
LED lighting is cooler, long lasting and more energy efficient.  The LED light column illuminates the interior and is seamlessly incorporated in the compartment liner.

8. MagicEye Controls
Temperature and other function options are available at the touch of a button with the SoftTouch MagicEye controls.

9. NoFrost
With Liebherr NoFrost, never manually defrost again!  NoFrost technology means that the appliance will never frost over, as food is frozen quickly and excess humidity is taken out of the freezer compartment before this can occur.

10. Premium Lights
Light intensity from multiple LED lights increase softly upon opening in the Premium range.  Selected models in the PremiumPlus range include LED lighting in the BioFresh and freezer compartments plus integrated light columns in the fridge.

11. SoftSystem
Integrated on the door, the SoftSystem ensures that the door closes very gently, even if the door is fully loaded.  It also closes automatically at an angle of 30°.

12. SoftTelescopic Rails
To ensure a gentle close and preventing wear and tear, BioFresh and crisper drawers are fitted with SoftTelescopic rails.  This also helps to prevent bruising to fruit and vegetables.

13. SuperCool (Fridge)
By activating the fridge’s SuperCool function prior to grocery shopping, it can assist with food preservation and reduce excessive temperature rise to existing items while the fridge door remains open for loading.  SuperCool reduces the refrigerator temperature to 2°C for 6 hours and switches back to normal operation automatically.

14. SuperFrost (Freezer)
Switching on the freezer’s SuperFrost function prior to a grocery shop will reduce the likelihood of excessive temperature rise from added warmer items or while the door is left open for loading.  SuperFrost will automatically switch back to normal operation once it has reached the temperature of -32°C.

15. Transparent Drawer
Food items are easy to locate with transparent drawers.  There is also a guide on the freezer drawer as to recommended storage times for frozen items.

16. VarioBoxes
For convenient storage of condiments that can easily be transferred from fridge to table, Liebherr create VarioBoxes (removable boxes).

17. VarioSafe
The VarioSafe is perfect for small items such as tubes and jars.  A great compartment to keep lose items tidy and convenient to locate.

18. VarioSpace
 – the practical system for extra storage.  Safety glass intervening shelves in the freezer are removable, to create more space when required for overly large or odd shaped items.

19. Flexibility
Choose from a large range of 60cm integrated bottom mounts (with or without BioFresh), all fridge and all freezer models to create your ideal pair.  With a possible fifteen (15) different side by side combinations, you can select the ultimate Liebherr integrated side by side combination to suit your needs!  Or pair up the larger luxury 91cm or 75cm bottom mount fridges for a generous side by side feel, with bottom mount benefits (such as freezers drawers on telescopic rails for easy access) and wide shelf spacing for large platters.

20. Now You See Me, Now You Don’tCompletely concealed behind your own kitchen cabinetry, Liebherr integrated fridge-freezers will suit any home.  Cabinetry is installed to the appliance using the door on door installation method.   So when you close your appliance door, your fridge virtually disappears (but don’t fret – it is still there!).

Please note: Features noted above are not available in all Liebherr integrated refrigeration models. Refer to the specification table for each individual model on our website for specific product details.

For further information contact 1800 685 899, visit our website or one of Liebherr’s specialist dealers.

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