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19 Key Features of Liebherr Freestanding Refrigeration

When it comes to Liebherr freestanding refrigeration, there are 19 key features that encompass the essence of the range.

19 Key Features of Liebherr Freestanding Refrigeration

1. BioFreshPlus

Keep tropical fruits & fish fresher for significantly longer, with BioFreshPlus temperature settings of -2°c, 0°C and 6°C with different humidity settings.

2. BioFresh

Maintained at just above 0°C, the BioFresh drawer keeps fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy fresher for longer than traditional refrigerator crispers. Fruit & vegetables are best kept in high humidity (HydroSafe) while meat, fish & dairy are best kept in a low humidity environment (DrySafe).

3. Bottle Shelf - Integrated

This nifty shelf is moulded and holds up to five bottles. Alternatively place the glass insert on top, and you’ve got extra shelf space.

4. FrostSafe

Drawers in the freezer are transparent, extra deep and sealed all around. With the FrostSafe system, cold temperatures are generated above and below every drawer.

5. GlassLine Storage Shelves

Strong, scratch resistant and easy to clean, the GlassLine storage shelves are finished with a stainless steel trim. One of the glass shelves is sectioned so that the front half can slide under the other to provide room for taller items.

6. IceMaker

With a permanently plumbed IceMaker, a constant supply of ice cubes will be readily available for every occasion.

7. MagicEye Controls

SoftTouch MagicEye controls means operating your appliance is a breeze. Select the temperature at the touch of a button and control other functions using the controls.

8. NoFrost

Never defrost again! NoFrost means food is frozen quickly and excess humidity is taken out of the freezer compartment so that the appliance never frosts over.

9. Premium Lights

With multiple LEDs creating an appealing and sophisticated ambience in the Premium range, food and drinks are easily located even at night.

10. SmartSteel

Fingerprints are visibly reduced and the surface is easier to clean with the SmartSteel finish.

11. SoftSystem

The SoftSystem assists with gentle door closure even if the inner door is fully loaded.

12. SoftTelescopic Rails

BioFresh and crisper drawers feature a convenient gentle closing mechanism, preventing wear and tear to the drawers and bruising to fruit and vegetables.

13. SuperCool

With the SuperCool function in operation, the refrigerator temperature is reduced to 2°C for 6 hours (switches back to normal operation automatically). By activating prior to grocery shopping, it will assist with cooling the new food more rapidly, thereby prolonging food preservation. It also helps to reduce excessive temperature rise to existing items while the door is open for loading.

14. SuperFrost

SuperFrost reduces the temperature of the freezer to -32°C (switches back to normal operation once it has reached -32°C). By activating prior to grocery shopping, SuperFrost will reduce the likelihood that existing items will suffer from excessive temperature rise while the door is left open for loading or temperature transfer from added warmer items.

15. Transparent Drawer

Transparent drawers give a clear view of the contents, without having to open all the drawers. Icons located on the drawers also offer a guide to storage times for frozen goods.

16. VarioBoxes

The VarioBoxes are removable boxes, for convenient storage of condiments that can be easily transferred from fridge to table.

17. VarioSpace

All the intervening shelves in the freezer are made of safety glass and are removable to create VarioSpace - the practical system for extra storage if an item is too tall for just one drawer! Remove a drawer and the glass shelf, and you have extra space above for larger goods.

18. Wine Cellar Compartment

The SBSes 7165 features a dual zone wine cellar compartment, with two independently controlled temperature zones between 5°C to 20°C.

19. Flexibility

Each Liebherr side by side appliance is a combination of two individual appliances. The individual appliances can be purchased separately to create YOUR ultimate side by side – all based around your personal family needs and requirements. Need more freezer space? Fridge space? BioFresh? Then mix and match to come up with the perfect combination for you! Liebherr are very flexible refrigerators!

Please note: Not all features are available in all models across the Liebherr range of freestanding refrigeration. For model specific data please refer to the specifications chart on the product page.

Need to know more? Visit a Liebherr specialist dealer, visit our the Liebherr website or call us on 1800 685 899.

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