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NSW Cooking Demonstration: I wasn't expecting a lot on the day as I had never attended a demonstration before. But I left with a real appreciation of Falcon ovens and can not speak highly enough about Louisa and her assistants knowledge and hospitality.

Pleasantly Pleased Cooking Demonstration Attendee

What is the best feature about my Falcon cooker? Size and versatility and to top it off it looks amazing.

Lefterika Verghese

What is the best feature about my Falcon cooker? Ease of use, easy cleaning, consistent temperatures in oven and the double oven. Sorry there is more than one best feature!

Jan Moltek

Cooking was a chore before our Falcon. Not any more. Worth every cent. Definitely no buyer regret in this household.

Eoin O'Keeffe

My Falcon saves me so much time. I can easily fit multiple baking trays. Performance is so trustworthy that it's perfection every time... stress free.

Brenda Seville-Castleton