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LCD Menu Operation

Liebherr's CBNes 5167 bottom mount fridge features a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) conveniently located on the front of the appliance (you don’t even have to open the door to use it).  The LCD menu assistance makes this a pretty smart fridge and a pleasure to operate with the below features all accessible at the touch of a button:

Alarms: Visual and audible alarms occur when excessive temperatures are reached, malfunctions occur, the door is inadvertently left open or there is a fault.

BioFreshPlus & BioFresh drawers: Set the temperature of the drawers depending on the food types. Child Proof: Lock the menu so settings cannot be accidentally changed.

Configuration: Set the display brightness and contrast. Holiday Mode: For lengthy periods of absence switch your appliance into vacation mode, after removing the food. The constant temperature helps avoid the build-up of odour which can often occur, even if the door remains closed.

IceMaker: Switch the internal IceMaker on and off via the menu options. The size of the ice cubes can also be changed by adjusting the water intake time.

Language: Choose your preferred language from the available options.

On / Off: Easily switch your fridge or freezer on or off with the push of a button.

Storage Times: The A-Z menu displays information on the recommended storage times for food – even offering the different storage times depending on where the food is located in the appliance (Fridge vs BioFresh vs Freezer).

SuperCool & SuperFrost: Reduce the temperature of the fridge and freezer to +2°C and -32°C respectively to assist cooling and freezing of new foods more rapidly, prolonging food preservation.

Temperature: Both the fridge and freezer temperatures are managed independently via the menu.

This feature or function can be found in the following models: