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Slow Cook

All Falcon upright cookers offer the ability to slow cook.  Temperatures can be set as low as 80°C which is great to slow dry food such as a surplus of sun dried tomatoes and fruits such as apples, pears and kiwi fruit.  When slow cooking if you have reduced the original temperature by approximately half, it will take about twice the amount of time to cook when compared to usual - but times will vary depending on temperature plus the type and cut of meat.  Falcon have a delicious slow cooked spiced lamb shoulder recipe which takes approximately 6 hours on 130°C.  Slow cooking allows meats to cook more evenly (inside and out).   It is imperative to use a temperature probe to check the internal temperature when cooking is nearing completion (desired internal temperature will depend on the meat) to ensure the meat is cooked sufficiently.  Undercooked meat can be very dangerous.  NSW Food authority has a guide to safe internal cooking temperatures. 

This feature or function can be found in the following models: